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  1. Honda 1.4 Civic SE 2001 - Silver Door Mirror

    Previous Civics
    Hi All, I'm seeking a replacement electric door mirror (driver's door) with silver surround for a 2001 Honda 1.4 Civic SE. The existing item was damaged beyond repair in a collision whilst the car was parked; the driver responsible drove off without contacting me. Any suggestions or suitable...
  2. Wing Mirror compatibility for 3-door hatch Type S

    Gordons Honda
    Hi :hello: I've been recommended to post here to look for some advice about replacing my passenger side wing mirror. I have a 2009 1.4 Honda Civic Type S 3-door hatch, and I'm looking to replace the wing mirror on the cheap. I have found a couple of 8th gen wing mirrors, however they are...
  3. Replacement Door Mirror for Type-S - Help Please!!

    2009 Civic (8G)
    Hi there :hello:, please play nice because I am new to this and not quite sure what I'm doing!! [smilie=battingeyes: I have a NHB 09 Honda Civic 3-door hatch Type-S (baby 1.4 engine), and recently I had an unfortunate accident which resulted in me losing the passenger door mirror of my pride...
  4. Electrics 07 civic door mirror not folding

    Electronics (8G)
    my passenger side door mirror don't seem to fold up electrically driver side one folds perfectly,checked all the fuses but still got the problem. can any one help.????