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  1. Genuine question about the Pan Roof, 2006 to 2012 model

    General Discussion (8G)
    I'm thinking about buying another Civic due to being hit from the back in my Si (was a Corsa driver🤦‍♂️) I want one with a Pan roof, one my olders had one years ago but I don't remember if it was just a glass roof or if it opened. Question I have is, does the Pan roof open? And what should I...
  2. Servicing 72 months / 54-75k miles (78k now) - Local Garage or Honda Garage Service

    Buying, Dealers and Servicing
    Hi all, I have bought (3 years old) Civic 2.2 i-CDTi EX 8th edition in April (my first car) and got all the MUST HAVE before you drive stuff sorted so now need to sort out the service. The car had been serviced according to Service Book on 5 occasion in Honda Dealers around the South West of...