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  1. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    I have recently bought a 2008 1.8 5 door, but being fairly new to this I'm not sure of much yet. I have read through the forum a lot to try and decide what I want to do when I change my suspension. I have considered just getting new oem shocks and eibach lowering springs but I am also now...
  2. Gallery (9G)
    My FK2 Insta account: Civic_FK2 (@hcivic_fk2) • Instagram photos and videos Sample:
  3. Engines and Transmission (9G)
    Hey Civinfo, new to the site! Im looking to decat my 1.8 Civic FK2 Tourer from 2015 but all downpipes i find doesnt fit the faceliftet? Anyone Else had Some luck? 😊
  4. 9G Type R
    As the title says, there was/is water inside the side pods of my FK2 Type R spoiler/wing. Backstory: I bought the car in November 2020 from another country (with 52k KMs on it) so I didn't actually test drive the particular car itself but judging from the pictures and because the vendor was...
  5. Greece
    Παίδες καιρός να κλείσει και το υπερτροφικό random chat και να δώσει την θέση του στο νέο! Είχαμε φτάσει σχεδόν 30000 δημοσιεύσεις! Δικό σας λοιπόν :)
  6. Styling (8G)
    Hi All, I've followed CivInfo for years, and have used many of the guides posted to do incremental mods on my Civic over the past 13 years! I bought it at 6 months old and can never honestly think about getting rid of it. I'm on 108,000 miles, trust me we partied at the 100k mark...
  7. 8G Type R
    Hello, i search with very difficult the PDF service manual of the Civic 2015 Type R. I have found a Japanese version, but is very hard to understand. Do you have this PDF, if you want i host the jap version PDF. Tanks
  8. 9G Type R
    Hey, I am considering purchasing the Eventuri Intake for my FK2, but have some queries regarding the intake which are below: The V1 claims to 18-20bhp, the v2 claims 24-30bhp with the addition of the carbon tube and silicion hose. How many people are actually running the V2? The Dyno on the...
  9. Engines and Transmission (9G)
    Morning all, Having trawled the internet I'm still struggling to find a definitive answer - Will the standard Type R FK2 exhaust fit on a pre-facelift MK9? A 2014 1.8 GT EX to be precise? I'm not looking for performance (let's be honest, I'd have bought a Type R if that was the case), a little...
  10. 9G Type R
    Hello guys, I checked all around the internet but to get a picture for correct jacking points except those listed in owners manual is extremely difficult as all pictures are unavailable or deleted (as on this forum and on HondaKarma). Here I read that some of you are using stands or jack under...
  11. 9G Type R
    Hello guys. Do you already have some experience with 3rd party intake for FK2? I installed Injen and I am impressed. That sound is indescribable. :laugh2:
  12. Introduce yourself
    Hi Folks, My 1st Honda was an EP3 52 reg 7-8 years ago with 19" alloys. Installed LPG in it, when found out chassis was twisted a bit and it was a 3 times write off (not sure if that's possible, but anyway, that what the guy who bought it off me said, when crazy enough to take it off my hand)...
  13. 9G Type R
    By the looks of things, the info/entertainment system in the CTR GT looks android based- has anyone tried installing apps like google maps, Spotify etc on it? I've literally just got the car and still figuring out how to use the thing, but has anybody tried this?
  14. Gallery (8G)
    Hey everybody! First time posting here, but a long-time reader! :) My name is Mihail, I'm from Bulgaria, and I just bought my dream car about 2 weeks ago :) It's a 2006 2.2 iCTDi FK2, bought from Honda Bulgaria in May 2006. I managed to get a good deal on it, it had 83k miles on the clock...
  15. Styling (8G)
    HI. I just bough an FK2 1.8 Honda civic hatchback (YEAR 2009). I want to know if the genuine TYPE R FRONT AND REAR SPLITTERS will fit on my FK2? Please advise!
  16. Gallery (8G)
    i haven't posted anything before but here is my sliver fk2:
  17. Gallery (8G)
    I've been a Civic owner for a week now, and here are the first pictures I've taken of my stock FK2. Hopefully more will be taken when the weather improves and I get her washed and waxed for the summer.
1-18 of 20 Results