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  1. Thinking of flash pro

    Hi guys I have had my fn2 for a few weeks now and wanting to do a few mods. I was thinking of starting with the flash pro, so that any mods I add on after, I will get 100% out of them. Good Idea??? Any advice is welcome... Ps ideas of second hand prices for flash pros???
  2. Hondata Flash Pro Group Buy

    Hi Guys, Just a heads up in the next day or 2 I will be posting up a group buy for Flash Pro's I have found a supplier and can get the units brand new for £463, I may be able to get a little more discount depending on numbers I am awaiting a response for them to confirm prices for larger...
  3. FN2 Mods Decisions????

    Modification Projects
    Hello I currently have an FN2 which I bought about a month ago, have so far fitted HKS Brake Lines, HKS RS and Flashpro. My next mods are FD2 cams, inlet manifold, throttle body and HKS catback, for supply and fitting cost is circa £2.5K. I quite like the idea of keeping it N/A and do not do...