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  1. Remap FN2 flashpro issue

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hi all, Had a group N installed for ages. Thought I'd set the Rev limits to try out launch control, tries to put the new map on car.. It went through its show on the dash going through the dash warnings ect, but no program light on the flashpro.. Waited for like ten mins.. Key out, key...
  2. Thinking of flash pro

    Hi guys I have had my fn2 for a few weeks now and wanting to do a few mods. I was thinking of starting with the flash pro, so that any mods I add on after, I will get 100% out of them. Good Idea??? Any advice is welcome... Ps ideas of second hand prices for flash pros???
  3. Hondata Flash Pro Group Buy

    Hi Guys, Just a heads up in the next day or 2 I will be posting up a group buy for Flash Pro's I have found a supplier and can get the units brand new for £463, I may be able to get a little more discount depending on numbers I am awaiting a response for them to confirm prices for larger...
  4. Hondata Traction Control - CPL Racing Test

    CPL Racing
    Yesterday we tested the new Hondata Traction Control system on the CPL Racing FN2. This car has the following engine upgrades: - Jackson Racing/CPL Racing supercharger - CPL Race Manifold - Hondata Flashpro Plus a Quaife ATB differential This car is full weight and is fitted with the...
  5. Flashpro

    Torque Developments International PLC
    Hi, can i have you best price for flashpro and mapping? one being stock the other being properly mapped, my FN2 is stock if that makes a difference.