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flat battery

  1. AC/Heater Air con failed again after Honda fix?

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Hi all, I Have a 2008 1.8 Sport - Drove up to Durham from York last week and air con decided to pack in on a very hot day. Booked into Honda - who said it might need regassing, so duly drove to dealer only for battery to fail directly outside! Only found this out as I thought I would move to a...
  2. Electrics Car not starting after changing battery

    Electronics (8G)
    Hello! Today i left lights on. And later i realised that my car wont unlock...Tried it with key and it did unlcok, but the weak alarm did come on but turned itself off quite fast (guess the battery went flat). The thing is ..tried to push start it without luck. Then tried to jump start it. Also...
  3. Flat battery Flat battery then immobiliser wouldn't go off now key fob don't work

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Hi I've got a 06 2.2 cdti ex I had a dud battery kept hook flat if I didn't use the car everyday so got a new battery connected it but got the flashing green key as many *** hav had tried the fuel cut off switch was fine so phone Honda and got it towed out to them a day later they phone and say...
  4. Flat battery 56 Plate Honda Civic 2.2 Diesel EX

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Hi, Was going to buy a Civic off someone I know. They told me that the car is fine however one issue he mentioned was that if the car is left for about 3-4 days the battery would go flat. Also the bluetooth isnt working and he believed that the flat battery issue could be due to that. I have...
  5. Battery Battery Specifications

    Electronics (8G)
    The Owners Manual for my Civic 1.8 lists six different Battery Specifications, ranging from 28 AH/5 HR to 74 AH/20 HR. After suffering yet another Flat Battery recently my local dealer has agreed to replace it. As I would be prepared to pay the difference to upgrade to a higher capacity battery...
  6. Interior Interior lights faulty - sometimes - 1.8 Type S GT I-Shift

    Lights (8G)
    Has anyone else had this? Some days the interior lights will not turn on, this includes the vanity lights on the sun visors and the reading lights. This seems random, but sometimes going over a bump or a fast corner will bring them back to life. This obviously suggests something is loose, but...