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  1. Lights (9G)
    I have the SE Model of the European civic. So I don't have the pleasure of front fog lights. I want to fit some. I have seen some cool front fog lights. but they are for the American civics. Spyder Auto FL-HC2012-2D-Y | 2012 Honda Civic Yellow OEM Fog Lights for...
  2. Lights (9G)
    So my nearside front fog has smashed after a few months :( Local dealer wants just north of £300 to supply & fit. The owner's handbook shows some access flaps on the underside of the car to change bulbs so I was hoping that may give enough access to get at the lamp. But my car doesn't match...
  3. Lights (8G)
    Hello peeps.. I would like to ask a few questions. There is an e bay show which links will follow, I a'm interested in the following: PIAA H11 SUPER TERA PIAA H11 X-TREME WHITE My question is this would the Piaa H-439 SUPER TERA LED which is H8 or H11 compatible be any brighter than the...
1-3 of 5 Results