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  1. General Discussion (8G)
    The wife's just bought herself an FR-V complete with a Parrot installed. It looks like a CK3100. I was trying it out this morning and noticed that the audio doesn't come through the car's stereo, but instead seems to be coming out of a built in speaker in the Parrot. It's a little bit annoying...
  2. Other Honda cars
    Just had Stage 1 remap and EGR delete installed by Fahad at Premier Tuning on my 2008 FR-V 2.2 i-CDTi EX. I can highly recommend both the professional service and the results. The car feels better than new - loads of torque and improved mpg, not to mention avoidance of future spend on...
  3. Other Honda cars
    My FRV handbrake warning light and alarm are on almost constantly this last few weeks. I've had the switch changed but the furthest I've managed to travel since then is approx 10 miles before the light and beeping start again. Going over a bump seems to start it off and then there's no way to...
1-3 of 3 Results