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fuel cap

  1. 9G 2015 I-DTEC Fuel Cap Question

    General Discussion (9G)
    Hi all, I recently changed from a 2012 1.8 I-VTEC to a 2015 1.6 I-DTEC, and noticed something weird - there's no fuel cap. I called the dealer and they told me this was normal and that the fuel door acted as the cap on the diesel models but I couldn't find anything about this online. There is...
  2. Carbon Dipped Parts

    Styling (8G)
    Got back a lot of the parts I sent off to Rade Customs in Manchester for hydrodipping. Just waiting on the dash/instrument cluster. Really impressed with the look, its a lot better than the early carbon fibre look films.
  3. Painting a few things?

    Styling (8G)
    I'm looking to colour code my grille and fuel cap, i want to paint as appose to plasti-dip. Can anyone give me any advice, like what sand paper and primer to use?
  4. Door handles/fuel cap painting

    General Discussion (8G)
    I want my handles and fuel cap colour coded, can you but these anywhere as i don't really want to paint my own, and not really keen on carbon fibre either?
  5. Door handles and fuel cap

    Styling (8G)
    Looking to colour code my door handles and fuel cap, what technique are you Guys going for? Paint, wrap, dip, carbon? Cheers