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  1. FN2 external temperature gauge and low MPG!

    Hi guys, Since I bought my 2007 FN2 GT, I noticed that the external temperature gauge has displayed no reading whatsoever....I've also noticed that my average MPG is 22!! Whilst I'm aware that the car can be pretty thirsty, I'd still expect a bit more than that from it, or I am wrong? I drive...
  2. Other Digital Gauge Screen?

    Electronics (8G)
    Hey guys, As most of you know, forced induction requires quite a bit of additional information to be displayed to ensure a nice healthy running system, especially under extreme driving such as on the track. Normally this is displayed in the form of a gauge pod or four but i was wondering if...
  3. Fuel Fuel Gauge Calibration?

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Probably clutching at straws here; but is there any way to calibrate the fuel gauge? I don't know whether this is the same with everybody but whenever I fill up with fuel, my fuel gauge shows full for probably 70 (only get 350 miles a tank) miles before moving off full, and then as soon as it...
  4. Computer Fuel gauge and range leaves us puzzled

    Electronics (8G)
    Put in a tenner today at the local pump. Made no difference at all to the car. For some reason the range was still 30 miles and the needle seemed more than happy to keep its place at the bottom. We put in 7.67 litres, surely that would make a difference? Even drove for about 5 miles at speeds...