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  1. Gear Knob Replacement Nut

    General Discussion (8G)
    Hi guys, What was the intention of simply purchasing a new gear knob and gaiter for my MK8 CDTI I have inadvertently got sucked into literally hours of reading forums and reviews of replacement options. :serious::facepalm: The gaiter is the easy one so my mind made up on that but can you point...
  2. Gear Knob advice/options

    Hi All, Picked up a CTR at weekend and I've actually started looking forward to driving to work... :D One of my niggles though is the gear knob, I get clammy hands [smilie=umm2.gif] and the gear stick being metal means it gets slippery [smilie=disgust.gif] which is annoying. I've searched...
  3. Ebay gear knob and gaiter - quick review

    Styling (8G)
    Hi guys, I just joined the site - this is my first post. Hopefully useful to someone! I just bought a 2007 CTR and the gear knob and gaiter were really shabby so I ordered some replacements off eBay and thought I'd let you know what they look like in case anyone else is thinking of ordering. I...
  4. 09 Diesel Gearknob

    Styling (8G)
    Hey guys, complete noob, so don't know all the codes or anything, only my second post, and it won't matter for this post anyway i would think. I was looking for a new gear knob for my Diesel, came across the Mugen Carbon jobbie and was wondering if it could pull it off lol. I'm a composite...
  5. Any OEM Gear Knobs for sale?

    Styling (8G)
    Looking for one for my 2007 2.2 Sport. Any ideas? Found the JDM CTR ones on eBay for about £30.00. May also add the Audi TT leather gaiter if it looks odd without a gaiter fitted.. Unless anyone's got anything else floating about...