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  1. Upgrades Pioneer Upgrade!

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Hi guys, Already posted this on the facebook group but thought I'd do it here too...got my new Pioneer unit installed yesterday and over the moon with the results :D Before... After... Works perfectly with my iPhone 6 Plus via Apple CarPlay. Delighted
  2. Drunken neighbour

    Any non Civic chat here please!
    Hi people, Was just wanting to know what you would do in this situation... So, I've got this neighbour who is about 70 and retired. Spends the weekdays in the house then at night and at the weekends he goes out to the pub and gets drunk. Unfortunately for us, he drives to the pub then he...
  3. Milano Red Type-R, 61 plate, East Kilbride

    Was it you?
    Was sitting behind you on Eaglesham Road just before you turned into the Arnold Clark/Evans Halshaw estate near Westwood in East Kilbride.
  4. Upgrades Looking to upgrade my ICE...

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Afternoon people, So I've just taken a notion to upgrade my in-car stereo system. At the moment it's just the bog-standard car radio/tuner thing and I know that I need to buy the Double Din fascia and unit but I'm not the best when it comes to swapping things in and out of that nature. Would...
  5. A mini adventure...

    Posted over on DW but thought I would share here too :) So, my good mate asked me if I could sort if his girlfriend's Mini Cooper. It hadn't been washed in about a year and was about 10 years old. I wanted to do the inside and outside. After an initial inspection, it appeared the the rear...
  6. NV57 *** // Silver Type-R // Bellshill

    Was it you?
    Seen this one again this morning...Silver Type-R with front splitter...female driver. Just at the top on the Industrial Estate on the roundabout :thumb:
  7. A Civic that looks like a Range Rover...

    Hi guys, Posted this up on DW but thought I'd share here too :) So ever since I got into this detailing malarky, my brother has taken more of an interest in the condition of his paintwork and since I pointed out to him a while ago how bad it was, he has been on at me to try and make it better...
  8. Honda Day Scotland

    Hey guys, Not seen a thread on this yet so just incase anyone's missed it on FB! Glasgow Honda's & Club Vtec are doing their first Honda Day ('Scottish mimms') on 29th June at Falkirk Wheel at 2pm. It's looking to be quite a bit event with about 280 attending. Event details are all on the...
  9. Hi from Glasgow

    Introduce yourself
    Hi guys, First time joining the forum, had a 58' 1.4 i-Dsi since August last year and finally looking to improve its looks a bit (hopefully with the help of some of you guys :D!) Any suggestions on what to start off with?
  10. Blue type S stickered Glasgow

    Was it you?
    Forgot the reg plate, around 5ish on Kent road/north street! Car looked good! First civinfo stickered civic I've seen outwith meets :D
  11. Citroen C4 - Interior rescue!!!

    Hello people, Thought I'd give you a wee taste of the interior side of things lol So, my mate is getting a new car next week and passing his beloved, or not so beloved, Citroen C4 onto his sister. I don't think my mate will mind me saying that this car is a "tad" neglected...it's possibly the...
  12. A Civinfo job - civicnewbie's 9th Gen - Enhancement and Winter Protection

    Evening, A while back, Tom contacted me to give his 8th Gen a good machine polish. Alas, the weather ruined our plans and he has since got rid of his Type-S. It looked as though I was never going to get to work on his car! With the weather being constantly crap and the nights getting shorter...
  13. Glasgow Hondas Meet 20th October

    Hey everyone, Glasgow Hondas second meet is Sunday 20th October starting at 6.30pm. Location is Halfords Braehead then we will use the multi-storey for pictures and stuff , or if weather does not permit. Looks like its going to be a decent turn out! Here's the facebook link -...
  14. Good quality hose reel?

    Just wondering what hoses everyone is using? I bought a B&Q own brand hose reel at the start of the year and it's been fine but there's now a few pinhole leaks and it seems to get badly twisted when I'm putting it away :( Cheers DP
  15. Milano FN2 ** Glasgow 9pm

    Was it you?
    Nice shiny milano which sounded amazing! Was stuck at all that traffic before the Kingston bridge, 58 reg didn't see if if was stickered Any takers?
  16. 09 Range Rover Sport - My first big one...

    Evening people, Today I spent some time with one of my favourite beasts, a black Ranger Rover Sport. This 2009 model had been somewhat neglected and I'm sure the owner would confess to that himself :P Anyhoo, he asked if I could come over and give it some loving...here goes... Start time...
  17. T*** WAD - EK Expressway

    Was it you?
    Seen a black Type-S on the expressway this morning! Near enough the exact same as mine lol
  18. Best dealership to get car checked - East Kilbride/Glasgow

    General Discussion (8G)
    Hello people, I appear to have a squeaky clutch (possibly master cylinder problem), the car's a couple of months out of warranty but I've contacted Honda UK who have told me to take it to my local dealership to get it checked and they will probably replace free of charge. Does anyone have any...