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  1. Esse's Edition 35

    Non Hondas
    Hi All So there it is I have a new car (again) the GTI went not by choice but it went (no choice really as it went into the side of a Q7 and then a wall twice) Anyhow needed a practical replacement and decided for an ST2 on a 14 plate but whilst I was perusing this lovely candy white ED 35 was...
  2. The Grey (esse's carbon grey GTI)

    Non Honda gallery
    Howdy not been long since I got my 2nd CTS GT and my FR and just under a month ago I traded both of them in for another GTI There isn't much to say really except I'm a very happy bunny I didn't really get to enjoy my 1st GTI ... This one is much more family friendly lol it has more doors...
  3. How is this possible?!?

    General Discussion (8G)
    Check this vid: Winter hatch challenge on MSN Video I wonder how the Golf performs that good and the Civic screws up badly in the first test...