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  1. Styling (8G)
    Hi everyone Was wondering how much prices are for the GP pack front and rear bumpers in Milano Red? and where too get them from.
  2. Styling (8G)
    Hello, looking for a Grand Prix front and rear splitter, doesnt matter the colour as my brother is a spray painter. There used to be a shop on ebay that sold for £339.00 but has now put his price up to nearly £600! Does anyone know where I can get the kit cheaper or is anyone selling even...
  3. Styling (8G)
    Hi guys, It has been documented here in the forum numerous time regarding the Grand prix front and back need the arches from Type R or S. BUT, just a thought, is it possible to fit the Si arches or any other models with the Grand prix kit? so to avoid the high cost and the gap at the...
  4. Introduce yourself
    Hi, I have a 2009 civic type r, in milano red (the best colour in my opinion!haha:)) I want to fit a body kit, the grand prix kit looks mega, does anyone know where I can get the best price for the whole kit, but don't really want to buy off Ebay (bad experiences). Any help would be gratefully...
  5. Styling (8G)
    Simple question guys & girls. Should I add the below to my car to make it look kinda special or different on the outside, I would love to buy the Type R but considering the cost of fuel and living my wee 1.4 will just have to suffice for the foreseeable future. Please constructive comments or...
  6. General Discussion (8G)
    Hi, I have just bought a new 2010 Civic 5door Si-T and absolutely love it. It has the Type R grill, but my mate said get a Grand Prix Pack put on it and it will look even more sporty. But just looked at Honda and they want £1675 for it. Does anyone know some dealers who have them cheaper? Cheers
1-6 of 8 Results