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hazard lights

  1. Other HELP! Hazard lights won't stay on

    Lights (9G)
    Hi, I have 9th gen 2.2 idtec civic and just realised when I press on the hazard lights button it doesn't click and stay on. The hazard lights themselves work but my finger has to be on the button and as soon as I let go the lights stop working. This is my first Civic and not sure if the button...
  2. Electrics Help - Hazard lights stuck on

    Electronics (8G)
    I lost my car key last week and my car has been stuck at work over the weekend. I went to it today with the spare which doesn't have a working remote rob and unlocked the car manually and the hazards came on. I assumed this is part of the alarm system and would stop when I fired up the car but...