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  1. General Discussion (9G)
    Hi all, wondering if anyone had thoughts on this. 2014 Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC DPF stuffed (PM = 66); DPF pressure = 4.5 kPa; not in limp mode (yet) Other info: previously fine before lockdown, likely caused by shorter trips over the past year. Dealer forced regen 1000 km ago (seemed to be...
  2. Electronics (8G)
    So I seem to have been unlucky with my civic and have one problem after another, I have an OBD2 adapter, but I'm wanting the HDS system, what would I need to purchase and is there a cheaper alternative? I want to be able to check things such as the ABS sensors etc, can I use my OBD2 adapter and...
  3. Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hi new :civinfo: Member! I usually lurk on forums but this one seems like home so here's my first post. I am a recent proud owner of a '56 i-shift 1.8 EX, Nighthawk I believe:) First day I picked it up - awesome. I had a Smart Fortwo before so the transition was incredible. After trawling...
  4. General Discussion (8G)
    A friend of mine has a Honda Diagnostic System and I'd like to use it to run a few diagnostic tests on my i-CTDi to hopefully confirm the cause of the occasional hesitation I have been recently experiencing. My feeling is a sticky IMRC, but I don't want to start dismantling and cleaning bits...
  5. General Discussion (8G)
    HDS :mrgreen:
1-5 of 7 Results