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  1. FN2 OEM Exhaust Manifold Cat Diameter

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what the pipe diameter is at the end of the cat section on the FN2 OEM exhaust manifold? I'm looking to get a custom decat pipe made to go with my Cobra cat-back exhaust (2.25") as the 4-2-1 manifold is too expensive for me at the minute. Cheers. Sam
  2. How to fit a Tegiwa Race Header

    This is How To ... (Guides Only) (8G)
    How to fit a Tegiwa Header: I done this on a pit, it could be done on a set of 2 post ramps or a set of drive on ramps. I am not sure if you can do it just with the car jacked up as it needs to go in at a funny angle. You will need a decent set of tools with sockets and spanners. You will need...