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headlight washers

  1. FN2 non-gt bumper on gt model

    Styling (8G)
    Hey guys, I have an 09 FN2 type r gt and i'm in need of a new Milano Red front bumper. For reasons unknown to me, one of the previous owners removed the headlight washers and covered the empty holes in the bumper by gluing scruffy black plastic covers over them. The bumper itself its scuffed...
  2. Windscreen Headlights washer spraying with car nozzles everytime

    Bugs, faults and irritations (9G)
    Hi all, so there is this thing in my lovely 2015 Civic that I hate a lot, basically when I have headlights on and I want to wash my windscreen the headlight washers sprays all my car after the first use, searching here and there I found out it's a normal thing but I just hate it, it's useless...
  3. Need parts for my 2010 cr-v ex 2.2 i-dtec??

    Honda CR-V
    Hi guys! I was wondering maybe someone could point me in the right direction, i am upgrading from a Civic to a CR-V and i have bought a salvage 2010 CR-V EX 2.2 I-DTEC which needs some parts The biggest problem i am having is the Xenon headlights. second hand they are costs £250/350 each and...
  4. Access to headlight washers and pipes

    General Discussion (8G)
    Hi guys, After having to put yet another 6ltrs of washer fluid in the tank (despite using hardly any) I finally noticed a leak coming from the front near-side bumper, so I can only guess that it is either a faulty washer mechanism, split or loose pipe. I put it up on a set of ramps earlier...