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  1. Electronics (8G)
    Hi, When i bought my 06 civic it came with a non working HFT, I've only just bought a new module from a breakers and now it is working. As I've never seen it work before had a few confusing moments trying to pair it but reading a few threads on here managed to do that successfully too. Only...
  2. Electronics (8G)
    Had a problem and wondered if there was a tweak i could do. I have used iphone 3GS and now iphone 4 with the HFT. The reception for me of incoming calls is superb but others trying to hear me say its awful. Heard a recording and its confirmed, even with all heaters etc off. Is there a way to...
  3. Electronics (8G)
    hi i finally got my civic! i was trying to set up my HFT today and read the handbook and followed the steps stated however the first step is - press the voice button (talk to car) - wait for beep then say 'phone setup' i have said this in many different ways and the car either ends up saying...
1-3 of 4 Results