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  1. Custom Personalised Honda Civic Phone Cases

    Civinfo 'Hobbyist' traders
    My website is oribadesigns.com instagram.com/oribadesigns I make fully custom personal phone cases based on the back of your civic. I've set up a discount code: CIVINFO for 10% off your orders. ALL PHONES WORLDWIDE SHIPPING UK orders usually take around 1 week to arrive.
  2. Civic owner Newbie saying hi!

    Introduce yourself
    Hi Everyone, This is my first post here. I hope to become involved in many of the topics and areas excellent information covered here at civinfo forum. Im living in the UK. I only became a new Civic owner and so far i'm really enjoying my new car.. I'm a proud owner of a Honda Civic SE 1.8...
  3. Major water damage due to car fault. Need help to prove known issue and replacement

    Bugs, faults and irritations (10G)
    In a 3 way argument with Honda, finance and dealer. Basically 2 weeks ago we had 3 days non stop of rain and while driving home the car alarm went off while I was driving, I felt like a police car. I rang the dealer who said to turn car off and on again and unlock it. Asked if I was using a key...
  4. My first post!

    General Discussion (8G)
    Hello guys & girls (Men & Women), This is my first post on this forum. I have owned CIVIC 2008 Type S GT 2.2 cdti since September 2018 and it is magic. Previously drove 1.2 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2(Excellent learner car and reliable). But CIVIC is something else, the torque in 5th and 6th gear...
  5. Reversing camera - Cable connection

    Honda HR-V
    Hello to everyone! I’m trying to connect the rear camera in my father’s HR-V, but I have some problem with the connection of the cables. In the rear part I mounted the camera and connected the BLU cable to the +12V of the reversing light. In the SATNAV I connected the adapter and then...
  6. Bulbs LED Bulbs needed for Civic MK8?

    Lights (8G)
    Hello, new to the forum but have been browsing around. I'm needing some help buying some LED lights for my CIVIC MK8. Got my first car near my birthday 2-3 months ago, Honda Civic 1.8. Love it. Been wanting to change a few things after reading forums. Needs a service so I will be doing that...
  7. Genuine Honda parts online shops

    General Discussion (8G)
    Hello folks, Aside from Lings and Cox, has anyone ever purchased from parts-honda.uk? parts-honda.uk I wanted to ask them a question but the only way to do so is via contact form where they do ask bunch of, in my opinion, unnecessary information (such as the address, the phone number etc.)...
  8. First Honda - 1.4 Cosmic Grey (2009)

    Introduce yourself
    After lurking around for quite some time on this forum, I've got my 2009 Civic! Basically my brother just got his company car, what means I'm taking his Civic :3 Already ordered my civinfo sticker :D ! Got some pictures aswell, hope you like my new ride - mods coming in ASAP :)
  9. Τιμές Ανταλλακτικών HONDA Civinfo Club

    Τιμές Ανταλλακτικών HONDA Civinfo Club Όπως σας είχα πει, ανεβάζω τιμές ανταλλακτικών HONDA τις οποίες μπορούμε να έχουμε ως club. Για παραγγελίες άνω των 5 τεμαχίων ανά κωδικό έχουμε 10% επιπλέον έκπτωση. Πρόκειται για γνήσια ανταλλακτικά και η λίστα περιλαμβάνει ότι υπάρχει άμεσα...
  10. Transform your civic at lancaster honda

    Cox Motor Parts
    Take your Civic to the next level with our range of bespoke grilles. :smile3: From £168.53 to £199 inc VAT and fitting. Choose from Sports, Type R replica, Special Custom, Special Sports and Stealth. For more details please call 01524 899670 or message us. :wink3:
  11. Leaks Leaks in Boot / Trunk on Honda Civic(8th gen )

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Hi, got a 2007 Honda Civic ( black) Had some leaks in boot running down into spare whell compartment. Noticed a lot of drops at bottom of jack & air pump side compartments. Put Tiger seal / stixall (black) on rear window and wires near boot hinge. Was not the issue as a tailgate leak runs out at...
  12. HKS Products Price Increase

    Sumo Power
    Dear Civinfo Members, HKS PRODUCTS PRICE INCREASE NOTIFICATION This is due to the JPY/GBP exchange taking a hit in recent months and not returning to prior rate anytime soon. So if you were thinking, considering, dreaming of buying any HKS parts NOW would be the ideal time to do it. All...
  13. My new Milano CTR!

    Introduce yourself
    Hello all! My name's Gianni. I'm 18 living in Australia and currently a studying paramedic. I recently graced myself with the purchase of my 2008 Civic Type R in Milano Red. This car is my dream car! I'm so happy to be apart of this forum, and I plan on posting every step of my journey with the...
  14. HID Where can I buy a cheaper Ballast?

    Lights (8G)
    Hi guys :frown2: civic 2008 2.2L Diesel here. I had my right headlight fuse blow up. I replaced it, and it blow up again after a month or so. Since them it blows up as soon as I put a new one and turn on the lights. It's MOT time and the mechanic removed the bumper to check the ballast, and...
  15. Servicing Honda dealership service and aftersales guarantee.

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hello all, Have been reading through my paperwork and what not, and as I understood for my approved used car guarantee to last the full two years (2014-2016) I must get my car serviced at a Honda dealership. Honda are telling me the small service is £155 and the large service is £250. (for a...
  16. HID Angel Eyes Kit

    Lights (8G)
    hello guys! has anyone tried this kit??? woo 2.5" HID Projector Car Headlights Retrofit Shroud H7 H4 Angel Eye KIT | eBay
  17. Harry's 1.8 Type S

    Modification Projects
    Hi all, Thought i'd start my build thread, for me to track my own progress really and to show others whats been going on so far! How it was: The first thing I did was fit a Japspeed short shifter and a gaitor/mugen gearknob (looked awful stock) Unfortunately haven't got a pic for these yet...
  18. Plastidip, yay or nay?

    Styling (8G)
    Elllo everyone, Firstly its good to say i'm now the proud owner of my first Honda [2008 Type S 1.8] :eek: I was looking into getting my arches and bodykit colour coded along with a new spoiler i'll be fitting soon but prices seem to be around the 350-400 area. My friend has had his audi...
  19. Fn2 owner from northen ireland

    Introduce yourself
    Hi just bought my 2008 fn2 with only 9,000 miles on it standard atm but few bits in mind from northen ireland
  20. Exhaust Exhaust / Air Filter

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hello All, I recently bought a 07 Honda Civic I-VTEC 1.8 Sport and was wondering if anyone could help with what types of exhausts will be good for it. I am looking for a decent exhaust to make a nice sound and have a little rumble to it. Plus i am also looking at getting a K&N Racing Air...