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installing spoiler
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  1. Styling (8G)
    Hi all, As the title suggests, I have a Honda Civic Type S 2009 MK8 and am thinking of purchasing a Mugen style spoiler. I love the look of this particular spoiler but have no idea how to fit it myself. I am guessing you would have to drill holes into the rear boot and use nuts and bolts to...
  2. This is How To ... (Guides Only) (8G)
    This is an easy little guide on how to remove the OEM Type R spoiler and also how to install a new one Tools needed: Nothing special, screwdriver, silicone Difficulty: 3/10 (Depends if you have new clips or need to re-use old ones) Step 1 - Removal of covers There are 6 screws holding the...
1-2 of 2 Results