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intake manifold

  1. Refurbished powder coated EP3 and FN2 brake callipers rocker covers and intake manifolds.

    Civinfo 'Hobbyist' traders
    I’ve only just joined this forum but hope it’s everything it looks. I have recently ventured into EP3 and FN2 refurbishment after years of working on other projects and now have many different parts available via eBay. Please see the items available below they are also available in other...
  2. Tuning Code P1600 problem & limp mode! Help please!

    Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hi everyone this is my first ever time on here! I have a honda civic 2.2 diesel 2006 which has just had the EGR valve and intake manifold cleaned etc. So I got it back from my mechanic but it now has the engine light on and has gone into limp mode. It is driving perfectly but obviously doesn't...