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  1. General Discussion (10G)
    Hi guys, posted quite awhile back that i had the mid res removed (here). since then i've added a PRL short ram race MAF intake and gotten a custom back box/muffler/silencer attached still no res. Piping size did not change but i did go for 4inch slashed tips. sound wise, pretty low rumble...
  2. Introduce yourself
    My first post here! I've owned my fk8 type r for about a year and I am loving it! Time to get some changes done though. I was thinking of going for the milltek non resonated system but concerned at how loud it is so has anyone got one? Also would love a new air intake that isn't extreme on...
  3. 9G Type R
    Hey, I am considering purchasing the Eventuri Intake for my FK2, but have some queries regarding the intake which are below: The V1 claims to 18-20bhp, the v2 claims 24-30bhp with the addition of the carbon tube and silicion hose. How many people are actually running the V2? The Dyno on the...
  4. Engines and Transmission (8G)
    Hello civinfo community, just wanted to share my results with revive turbo cleaner. The car (2006 2.2 diesel) was running fine to begin with, but I blocked the egr on a CT stage 1 a few weeks ago, so thought it would be good to decoke the inlet. Since the dismantling process takes a whole...
  5. 9G Type R
    Hello guys. Do you already have some experience with 3rd party intake for FK2? I installed Injen and I am impressed. That sound is indescribable. :laugh2:
  6. 8G Type R
    Just bought a K&N panel filter, thinking of smoothing the airbox too. What's everyone's opinions on this? is it safe? are there any noticeable differences in power or noise? Thanks, Jordan
  7. General Discussion (8G)
    Hi guys, First time poster here, apologies if its in the wrong place! So I recently purchased a 57i air filter and Have fit it without any problems thanks to the excellent guides on this forum. :) I am looking at fitting the cold air intake to where resonator sits now, but the horn is in the...
  8. 8G Type R
    Hey guys, I've got a civic type R fn 2 and at the moment its completely stock except for a K&N air filter. I thought of something: I plan on getting a Gruppe M intake with the bonnet intake scoop. So what are your thoughts of cutting a hole in the bonnet and getting a small hood scoop to feed...
1-8 of 15 Results