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    Hi everyone, Just a quick intro post as per forum requirements. Hopefully picking up a 9th gen Civic at the weekend, its a 1.6 dtech, pre-facelift in polished metal metallic. The car is totally standard for now, but looking around on here has given me all sorts of Ideas! Wheels are probably...
  2. A long time coming...

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    Hi all, Been reading on this site for most of this year since acquiring my 8th gen 2.2 civic drv. Sadly, it was set on fire a few weeks ago, police have not turned up anything to say who was behind it. Needless to say I was absolutely gutted. For 8+ months it was the most rewarding car I've...
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    Hi guys, Joined a few weeks ago for some tips and ideas... Want to sell something, how to do I go about posting something for sale?