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  1. Introduce yourself
    Hi everyone, Just a quick intro post as per forum requirements. Hopefully picking up a 9th gen Civic at the weekend, its a 1.6 dtech, pre-facelift in polished metal metallic. The car is totally standard for now, but looking around on here has given me all sorts of Ideas! Wheels are probably...
  2. Introduce yourself
    After lurking around for quite some time on this forum, I've got my 2009 Civic! Basically my brother just got his company car, what means I'm taking his Civic :3 Already ordered my civinfo sticker :D ! Got some pictures aswell, hope you like my new ride - mods coming in ASAP :)
  3. Introduce yourself
    hello guys I'm Mano from Austria. Since 2013 i have a milano red 2.2 diesel sport Civic with 88000 km on it(2009). Excuse me, my english it's a little bit rusty. Engineer, 1 wife, 0 children, 2 civic's in family (fk3-1.4 2004). Mods until now: front grill Mano
  4. Introduce yourself
    My name is Jan. I bought, privately, my Civic about a month ago and have been busy sorting it out for an an MOT (it passed no problem) - and installed a few additions along the way, more of which later perhaps. I intend servicing it myself, with the help of an independent garage - and...
  5. Introduce yourself
    Hello all! First time Honda owner here from Accrington bidding a hello to everybody here. Just bought myself a black 2009 Civic Type S 1.4 after wanting one of these "aeroplane looking cars" for a few years now. New job with a slightly better pay scale then my current job forced my hand :D...
  6. Introduce yourself
    Hello Everyone, I'm Tim and I’m from the Netherlands so excuse me if I make some spelling mistakes ;) I'm the proud owner of 08' Honda Civic 1.8 Type-S for about a week now, and I like the car so much. The color of the car is Deep Bronze and it has run about 25.000 km. I already bought and...
  7. Introduce yourself
    Hi, been researching Civic's on your forum and taken a lot from it so firstly thanks! Just ordered 10 plate Type S GT and get it two weeks tomorrow! Been researching bluetooth options but bit of a minefield it would appear. Space saver an issue too but will suck it and see! Ordered Polished...
1-7 of 8 Results