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  1. Other Can you identify these rims?

    Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    Hello together I dont drive a civic, but hoping to get some answers anyway ;) I bought me these rims very favourably, but i know nothing about them. Do you know these? The only thing i know is, that they made in Japan and theyre 3 piece rims. I found only these informations on the backside: -...
  2. Made in USA versus Made in Japan

    User Reviews
    Hello! I really need an opinion....I have been a Honda driver now for the past 10 years. Love, love, LOVED my car but had to sell when I moved overseas. I am looking at buying a used Honda right now, and I have found a 1997 Honda Coupe that is selling pretty cheap (almost too cheap - seems too...
  3. FN2 will export for Japan Spring 2009

    from Honda JPN press release. Honda will sell FN2CTR in Japan for Spring 2009 Import from UK Honda. Press release (only Japanease) Honda�@‰¢�B�uƒVƒrƒbƒN TYPE R�v‚ð“ú–{‚Å�A—ˆ�t”*”„ but there press release is no detailes:confused: How much?,How many?, How color?,How power? How with LSD...