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  1. Blyton Park - 29th October 2016

    Hello all, I've decided that it has been far too long since my first and last track outing (Croft in May 2015) as grown up things such as buying a house got in the way of car fun. I thought I'd post in here and see if anyone else was interested or already planning on going to Blyton Park? If...
  2. Croft Tuesday 19th May - Javelin

    As per the title.................... Tuesday 19th May 2015 Croft circuit with Javelin Sign in starts from 07.45hrs Track opens 09.15hrs until 17.00hrs. Costs £179.00 Be good to get a few along for the day. The more the merrier. Booked: 1. Staffs Deltic (Paul) 2. Trevor Lubbock