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  1. Other Honda Key to New Flip Key

    Electronics (8G)
    This is a view of how to convert a standard Honda key to a new flip key.
  2. Programming New Key HELP!!!!

    Electronics (8G)
    Hey gang. Need some advice basically I did a standard key to a flip key conversion but because I had to remove the transponder and relocate it nearer the top of the new key housing I had to extend this transponder from it's original location to the top of the new flip key I used telephone wire...
  3. Can you use a key from another civic an programme it into your car?

    Electronics (8G)
    I tried to do the flip key mod and de soldered the transponder from the chip and extended the wired. Something went wrong and now the car locks/unlocks fine but won't start the car. I work in a car garage and wondering if I found a spare Honda key lying around and took the chip out of it if I...
  4. Alarm Need a Replacement key, will 2nd hand key do?

    Electronics (8G)
    Hello, I reciently tried to do the flip key mod and unsoldered the transponder. Long and short i must have done it wrong so the key no longer starts the car. I still have the casing and original factory cut key but need a new chip so was wondering if I could use a chip from another civic and...