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  1. Introduce yourself
    Hi guys I'm a pub landlord in Congleton Cheshire. Looking to get a club meet going at my pub every couple of su day mornings. What we reckon. Also after advise where to gt a 2nd hand miltek from
  2. England North
    Any meetings in North or near Cumbria coming up? Wouldn't mind seeing a few mods for ideas and hearing a few different exhausts...
  3. Scotland
    Going by reaction to a Was It You? thread, it seems there's enough interest to put together an Aberdeen and surrounding area meet, so that's what I'm proposing. Suggested dates (that I can manage anyway!) are Sat 15, Sat 22 or Sun 23 Jun, but if anyone has other suggestions please share. Also...
  4. England Midlands
    Just wanted to get an idea of who would be up for this, maybe in the gap between xmas and new year (Sat 29th Dec maybe?) and show off our mods and see what mods are available for those with stock cars. If we can get half a dozen people definitely interested, I will organize it and draw more...
1-4 of 4 Results