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  1. Modification Projects
    Hi all, thought I'd start a build thread for my orange FN3. Has been modified a fair bit recently by the previous owner but I want to do my own touches and fixes to it an though I'd put it here. Thank Josh
  2. Introduce yourself
    Hello there, My name is Stephen and I am new to this forum but not to the Civic 10th Gen model. I am based in the UK but am heavily involved in the US Honda scene as well. I look forward to chatting with you all soon. Stephen
  3. Chris Knott Insurance
    Here's your chance to WIN 2x VIP tickets to the Performance Car Show at Birmingham's NEC (plus entry to Autosport International) for Saturday 14th January 2017 courtesy of Chris Knott Insurance. The Performance Car Show is the leading UK exhibition dedicated to enthusiasts of sports and...
  4. Styling (8G)
    .....the Perspex grill. I know it's hugely popular to go for a sports grill upgrade but funds are tight and I had some carbon vinyl spare still. So a small can of red enamel paint and some black plastic paint in hand this is what I did. For less than a tenner I'm really happy, hope...
  5. Scotland
    Guys, Cruise Irvine & Modified Cars Scotland have organised a meet for a mass "Harlem Shake" video shoot! Have a search for Harlem Shake on Youtube if you dont know what the fuss is about. Thought I'd post it up here just to give it as much exposure as possible. I'll be attending along with...
  6. Modification Projects
    Since May I've been working on the civic, The pictures are in order of what ive done to the car! I got the car a Cat-D (edit by FWH) write off, it'd been driven under the back of a truck! To start with I returned the car back to it's former glory. Completly standard apart from the grille...
1-6 of 7 Results