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  1. Lights (8G)
    Hello, sorry for my English, I'm Spanish :wave: Does anyone know if you can do the leaving home/ Coming home? I have seen articles on the internet but none of them explains and the purchase links do not exist. Thanks! :smile3:
  2. Electronics (8G)
    Hello to all, I know that the bluetooth module has been widely discussed, but this might be new. I want to try and replace my bluetooth module ad have found a module P/N...
  3. Electronics (8G)
    Hi, I am looking to remove the Bluetooth module so to avoid an on-going battery drain issue which has been diagnosed today by remote mechanic. Been driving me crazy coming back to my car after 12 hours to it being dead. Question is: a) where is it located inside the car? b) what tools...
  4. Honda Accord
    Hi All, I'm new to this site and it's very interesting :) .. I want to know if anybody tried to automatic folding mirrors when locked and unlocked module .. I found it on the Civic section. Just wanted to know if it works on the Accord .. Also I wanted to know if there any other modules to...
1-4 of 4 Results