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  1. Mugen
    Hello all You may have seen my recent guide of how to fit the Mugen Quick Shift. Now that it has been fitted for almost a week and I have had chance to have a number of "proper" drives, I feel that I can comment on the upgrade. To be honest there is not much to say. However I will start by...
  2. Mugen
    Dear all Today I spent just over two hours of my life and almost lost several fingers in order to fit my Mugen QuickShifter. As a fair number of people appear to have purchased these, or are tempted by them, I thought I would produce this guide of how to fit so that you are not baffled by the...
  3. Mugen
    Installed on my car. FD2R (JDM Type-R) model. Bolt-on.
1-3 of 3 Results