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  1. Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    I have an 8th gen Honda Civic from 2008 with Executive trim level. I would like to update the navigation but I can't open the DVD unit. By having the engine on or off doesn't matter the orange Open button does nothing. I'm thinking about disconnecting the battery for 1-2 hours and see if it...
  2. Electronics and ICE (9G)
    Good afternoon. I recently bought a Civic tourer (2014 1.8). I installed a Pioneer F9770BT and rearviewcamera to replace the stock radio. I used a Connects2 kit. Now I have a problem with the very bad sounds but I can' figure out what went wrong. I hooked it up and tested. It seemend that the...
  3. Electronics (8G)
    Hello! I am going to purchase a double DIN units with Android platform. There is a website for developers for these double DIN units. $189 perk of OctaCore Android head unit for … | Android Auto | XDA Forums Anyone else has a 4.4 Android base double DIN unit? :popcorn:
  4. Honda CR-V
    Hi Everyone! I recently purchased and installed the AVIN Avant-2 into my 2008 Honda CR-V LX. My original head unit was the single DIN with the small storage space underneath. As my music habits gradually moved towards streaming music, I added accessories to the OEM unit so that I could stream...
  5. Electronics and ICE (9G)
    Hi, I'm really just looking for a general overview of the capabilities of the Nav/Audio system in the 1.6 SE Plus-T. I tried asking the dealer today but when he claimed that the Sat-Nav would be fitted in the head-up area I figured that I couldn't really trust his answers!! - I've had a good...
  6. Electronics (8G)
    hi all any idea what is the latest version for honda civic 1.8ex 2006 5dr my disc brokedown on me when i insert it in my pc its called apn2_6b108 uk version anyone got a copy ? will only buy from ebay or any information where to get it cheap thanks or what the best name to search on google to...
  7. Honda CR-V
    Gentlemen, There's an annoying error reading the disc in some regions. Most of the time it works but every now and then it reports of read errors and stops displaying the map. That's especially annoying when driving abroad. Have you experienced anything like this and is it repairable without...
  8. Electronics (8G)
    Hi Guys, Until recently it was absolutely impossible to create a back-up copy of your official Honda Navigation DVD. This had something to do with the official dual layer DVD's pressed in PTP mode (paralel track path), whereas any dual layer DVD-R disc can only be written in OTP mode (oposite...
  9. Electronics (8G)
    whats back of it can i install cameras in it rear view or especially people who want to install aux in i really miss that if any body took the nav unit out please share pictures i have 2006 and not good with stripping i want to install aux in and rear view sensor camera
  10. This is How To ... (Guides Only) (8G)
    This is a 'How To' to install an aftermarket Reversing Camera if you have a factory fitted Navigation System and save yourself £££££'s over the Honda OEM camera! Note: Ignore the 'For Sale' link in the PDF as Bog is no longer trading here Honestly, even though it sounds and looks...
  11. Electronics (8G)
    hi i got a civic 1.8i vtec ex its got navigation dvd drive but shame it doesnt play dvd's any way i can programe it to play dvd's? seems a total waste not having that feature honda went thrw all that and not add a small feature dvd
1-11 of 13 Results