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  1. Introduce yourself
    Purchased my Honda Civic 2 days ago as a birthday treat. I'm now 21 years old, living in the UK. Loved Honda Civics for as long as I have been thinking about getting a car, but it was finally time to get one. Just wanted to say wassup/hello to everyone as I will probably be lurking around...
  2. Introduce yourself
    Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. I've had my Civic from January and live in Oxfordshire. Also wanted to say thank you to everyone who posts on this forum. It has been a great help so far! Also, I was thinking of getting an LSD fitted. If anyone has got any good suggestions for...
  3. Introduce yourself
    Afternoon all, First time post (though I've used a few threads for ideas and solutions in the past) Previously owned a top spec Nighthawk Black 2.2 Diesel Civic EX and now own a Bronze Type R GT I got back in November (what a terrific colour!). Ultraracing upper front strut bar, double din...
  4. Introduce yourself
    Hi all, I’ve wanted an fn2 for about 10 years and last July I finally got my act together and made the purchase. Since then I’ve been on track at donington , driven about 4000 miles around the Peak District and I just absolutely love it. A lot of people though I was mad changing from a VAG...
  5. Introduce yourself
    Hi all members. As I recently bought a used 2008 honda civic se i -dsi, i thought it would be a good idea to join this forum.. The forum has allready been helpful so hoping it will be of more help to pick the brains of some of you members. Im from Stockport in Cheshire is there any other members...
  6. General Discussion (8G)
    Hello everyone, I am moving to Gaithersburg, Maryland soon. Already bought a house and it is good. Only there is a problem, there is no repair in the garage. Does someone know a good service in MD? I will be very grateful for the answer
  7. Introduce yourself
    Hi guys, I have just purchased an mk8 civic. 1.8 petrol with EX spec. Lovely car, a bit harsh on London roads but smooth on the motorway. I can't wait to have lots of memories with her :)
  8. Introduce yourself
    Hello All, Recently bought myself my second car, a 2007 1.8L Type S. Still getting used to the car (Haven't had it a week yet) but so far really enjoying it and it's a huge upgrade on what I had before (VW Polo 2002 1.2L) I can't claim to be much of a petrolhead in terms of knowledge but had...
  9. Introduce yourself
    Hi there, I recently bought my first car - a 2010 1.4 3 door type-S with c.54,000 miles on the clock. I'm hoping that I'll be able to find any information I might need for things to look out for etc - definitely going to need a new clutch soon, and probably new brake pads not too long after...
  10. Introduce yourself
    Hi Guys Been on the forum for a couple of months and thought I'd say Hi. I've only had my 2.2 2008 civic for a few months and trying to solve the normal knocks, squeeks, clicking etc Some great info on the forums, very helpful :smile3:
  11. Introduce yourself
    Hello, my name is Dieter, I am 22 years old and live in Bree, Belgium! I am new here, and joined this forum because there is no specific forum in Belgium for +06 civics. here are some pictures takin on the nurburgring in Germany: and here is one with my winter-rims and after the instal of a...
  12. Introduce yourself
    Hey folks, I'm soon going to be taking a step in to the world of Civic owning. I'm planning on picking up a nice Silver 1.8 i-VTEC EX tomorrow morning. From what I've seen the forums here are ace so I'm sure you'll see my name popping up here and there!! Bye for now!
  13. General Discussion (8G)
    Hi all, wanted to say hi earlier, but felt like i was cheating as i had no Honda... Thats now been fixed with a 2.2 Diesel Silver Civic 58 plate with 59,000 miles **CLUTCH FAILING** A REALLY big thanks to all of you as when first drove it, i felt that it drove very much like an auto - foot...
  14. Introduce yourself
    Hi Guy's, Have had a type R for the past 9 months have driven hot hatches since 21 and now 48, been browsing the site for the past 6 months and found very useful and love the banter. thorght it was time to join up... so hello!!:eek:
  15. Introduce yourself
    Hi Everyone, I have just joined the forum from Hungary. Thanks for the welcome, Pottsy. Next week I am getting my new Type S, but I have already tried it at the dealer and have made a few pictures. This red beauty replaces my previous Civic 7 1.4 Sport (also red) which was a passionate love...
1-15 of 17 Results