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  1. Hello!

    Introduce yourself
    I own a 58 plate FN2 Type R in NHB, absolutely love the car! Want to join the community on here as love reading others posts.
  2. Jordans 2.2 Type S NHB!!

    Modification Projects
    Hi all, Been on the forum over a year know and thought it was time to show my progress! I've mainly focused on small changes and I'm not really one to spend a whack of money in one go on one mod. My Civic is a daily driver and covers around 450 miles a week! Anyway here is goes.... My car...
  3. Alloys Other NHB civic with standard 16 inch wheels?

    Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    Hey everyone long time reader short time writer. I have a NHB Civic and have the standard 16 inch alloys on the ES which need a refurb , so while i was getting them refurbed i was wondering if anyone has had them colour painted gloss black or colour matched and what the result looks like. any...
  4. Stickered NHB Type R Morrisons on the docks Preston

    Was it you?
    Stickered NHB Type R going into Morrisons on the docks in Preston at 11:45 today? I was right behind you in a stickered milano red.
  5. Lazytrev's NHB FN2

    Modification Projects
    I've been a member of this site now for almost 6 years and don't think during that time I have had a question that hasn't been answered in one way or another. So with that in mind I'm hoping that this thread will be as helpful to others, as other mod threads have been to me. It all started in...
  6. Best mobile phone to go with my NHB....

    Any non Civic chat here please!
    I was thinking about replacing my blackberry that i had for over 4 years now. I want something different and the very best i could come up with ???? Nokia 8910i ...... any suggestions?:confused:
  7. Stealth Grill

    Styling (8G)
    Does anyone have one fitted and want to post up some pics please? http://www.coxmotorparts.co.uk/genuine-honda-civic-stealth-front-sports-grille-p-1369.html Also (stupid question time!), my 1.8 2007 EX is black. Is NHB the only black the civics came in or are there other varients? When...
  8. R-Black Cleaned and Mugen'd NHB

    Gallery (8G)
    just a couple of pics from the weekend....gave my car a good 3 hour session and went for a spin in the sun... (only to wake up the next morning and find some bird had emptied its insides all down one side...and i say bird, it must have been a flying cow the amount there was) pics are crappy...
  9. Hello there!!

    Introduce yourself
    Now, I'm not actually an FN owner but I was told that it's not a problem :) I do own a Night Hawk Black EP3 Type-R though :popcorn2: Had it nearly a month now and I just love it! Completely standard, have some idea's in the pipe line like get the paint work sorted (horrendous swirls)...
  10. S-Black My NHB FK2

    Gallery (8G)
    I've been a Civic owner for a week now, and here are the first pictures I've taken of my stock FK2. Hopefully more will be taken when the weather improves and I get her washed and waxed for the summer.