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  1. England North
    Alright guys Thinking its time for another meet, maybe the last one before Christmas and the end of the year? So lets try and make it a big one. Also a few of the members have some new cars - Fd2/S15 and im sure they would love to show them off! The last meet was a small one but we still had...
  2. England North
    Think its time to organise another meet, its been a while plus its something to do! Anyone and everyone is welcome Im free pretty much anytime.. but i would expect most people to be free weekends due to work etc Lets get some suggestions on the venue and a time/date?!
  3. Type-R
    Hello, My car's due its 2nd service and am being quoted silly prices by the local Honda dealership which haven't done a great job in the past... I'm based in Darlington but would be willing to travel to Newcaslte or N.Yorks if there's a good independent Honda specialist. I've had a quick...