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paint chips

  1. DIY Scratch repair

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Hi guys, So I discovered a couple of scratches on my car today. I know there's loads of information about DIY Scratch fixing but I'm a newbie so was hoping for some clarifications with a couple of points. The scratches are about 5 inches and are deep (I can provide pictures tomorrow). There is...
  2. Wonder Wheels And Smart Repair with CentralBelt Cruizers...End Of Summer Sale

    Modification Projects
    Hi folks, the winter is coming in soon, so why not get your wheels refurbished now so they are all sealed and protected for the winter weather coming? We are having a sale for one week only, starting the 6th of October with a saving of £50 off which means you'll get all 4 alloys fully...
  3. 55 plate civic wing mirror

    Previous Civics
    Hello, my 55 plate red civic wing mirror has what looks like a " film coating " going around it. This has recently started pealing. I have noticed that at the back by the civic badge the same thing is happening. I've recently had my car jet washed which thinking now, wasn't the best of ideas...
  4. Serious Chipping to Milan Red Paint!!!!

    Hey Anyone had any success getting Honda to respray/touch up paint chips under warranty? I have an 09 Milano red type r that is beginning to look like i have tried to sand blast the bonnet and have been taking pot shots at most of the panels, I think its fair to say the paint its literally...
  5. Paint Chips HELP!!

    General Discussion (8G)
    From reading many threads and comments about paint chips I can see that my car is not the only one that is covered in paint chips. I have had no joy with Honda and can see that many others have had the same problem. I have just emailed watchdog to see if anything can be done and need as many...