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  1. Type-R
    Hi All, Couldn't find this covered anywhere. I live in Australia, and spare parts from Honda is a huge rip-off. I'm after an idler pulley. Honda want $93 for it, a quick google I found the same part on a US web site for $24 but they don't ship international. I assume as the parts are "made" in...
  2. Sumo Power
    30% OFF SUMO POWER SALE!!! To celebrate our recent move to the new Daventry HQ, we are having a HUGE sale of 100's of amazing HKS, Do-Luck, J's Racing, Cosworth and other top brand name parts - with 30% off loads of amazing product!!! :D:D:D To get involved and find out what is what, LIKE us...
1-2 of 3 Results