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  1. Other Hft

    Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE (8G)
    Just picked up a 2006 EX with the nav unit, and have been struggling to pair my phone. When I press the voice command button and say "phone set up", all I get is "fan speed up". The steering wheel obviously has the phone buttons, so I assumed it would have bluetooth. Does the EX not come with...
  2. Electrics Unable to set up HFT

    Electronics (8G)
    So I'm having some trouble setting up my HFT system. When I press the phone button, the sat-nav screen shows a phone icon, then after a short while it says "No phones could be found, returning to main menu" over the speakers I read the HFT section in the user manual, and so I press the voice...
  3. Phone Where do you mount your phone?

    Electronics and ICE (9G)
    Hi all, I'm looking at options for mounting my phone inside my Civic; could anyone with experience with this share some? :) I have a vent-mounted magnetic holder at the moment on my current car which I shall bring over, but the vent fins on the Civic are thinner than those on the Yaris so it's...
  4. Phone iPhone goes into Mute when connected to bluetooth.

    Electronics and ICE (9G)
    Hi there, I have a 9gen Honda Civic 2.2 es. The other day, I notice that my iPhone 5, when connected to the car bluetooth / Handsfree, my phone turns silent even when I haven't set it to silent. I can't hear any text notifications / alerts. Just wondering if there is a fix for this problem or...
  5. Phone Bluetooth Phone System - not recognising phone - reset?

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi all! I have a Honda Bluetooth integrated phone system (located on driver's A-column) in my 06 Civic 2.2 EX (please see photo linked below), that I am having difficulty with pairing with my iPhone.... The system I have is different/in addition to the usual HFT system which my car also has...
  6. Other Cheap way to improve GPS signal in car.

    Electronics (8G)
    I have my phone mounted in a Brodit holder just below the radio. It's a neat place to have the phone since it's close to the charger that sits in my cigarette lighter socket. The problem I've been having is that I can't get a consistantly good signal for the GPS on my phone. So, I figured I take...
  7. Phone HFT Feedback/Interference whilst making calls????

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi Thanks for reading. I've got HFT on my 06 2.2 EX and when i pair my phone and make a call it all works except the person receiving the call get loads of interference on there end. After doing some research on here and elsewhere i've heard its something to do with the microphone being too...
  8. Phone Iphone Bluetooth When Dialling From Phone

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi there, Just bought my 1st ever Honda, Civic EX 2.2TDi and loving it and this tremendous resource. However I have one concern I hope someone can help with. My iPhone is paired and works brilliantly through built in phone sytem however if I dial someone from my iPhone phonebook (not stored in...