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  1. good black car polish

    General Discussion (8G)
    Okay so first time I've polished my civic and I think its come up a treat but used simoniz liquid polish. Not too bad of a finish but wondering if there's any good black polish anyone on here uses.
  2. How much would you pay for this?

    General Discussion (8G)
    Been offered a rear colour coded splitter for my civic (I have a type S) and want it all colour coded. Have been offered it for £70 on another site. Seems like it needs a bit of TLC to me. What do you think? I'm not sure a good polish and wax would remedy this!
  3. Nighthawk black civic. Lost it's...glam

    Hi all. Got an 08 nighthawk black civic type S, and it's looking a little worse for wear compared to when I bought it a year ago, and is just in need of a little TLC. I have been browsing over the cleaning forum for quite a while and in short I don't even know where to start product wise as...
  4. Advice needed . What DA Polisher and polish etc

    Ok guys and girls. I am in the market for a DA Polisher and all the stuff needed to make my civic look good. I do not have a clue which to buy and the polish, waxes etc and how to put it all onto my car. The guy who used to polish my 406 coupe used to swear by mcguires gear. So i guess i will go...
  5. Polish or Wax on a 1 year old car?

    Hi I'm just about to get a 1 year used 2013 Civic FK. The car will waxed/polished from the dealer when I receive it so I would like to think I don't need to do anything like that on the car for a while. But I was thinking since the car is almost new and all, what would be the best to use ...
  6. Diamondbrite - The Ultimate Paint Protection (up to 6 years)

    Hi guys and girls, I decided to open a thread when I tried DiamondBrite Ultimate paint protection, I think its incredible. As we all know we must protect our highly polished civic’s (and other honda’s) during the winter months, I have tried sealants and they seem to only last a short period of...
  7. A Civinfo job - civicnewbie's 9th Gen - Enhancement and Winter Protection

    Evening, A while back, Tom contacted me to give his 8th Gen a good machine polish. Alas, the weather ruined our plans and he has since got rid of his Type-S. It looked as though I was never going to get to work on his car! With the weather being constantly crap and the nights getting shorter...
  8. Hello from Kent! 1.8 EX Thinking about the r...

    Introduce yourself
    Hello all, I've used this fantastic forum a few times over the last year and finally got round to actually joining it :p I must say it has been fantastically helpful for all things civic and I have really enjoyed looking at some of the mods you have all done. I currently own a Galaxy Grey 1.8...
  9. Horror Stories?

    Do you have any horror stories from cleaning/detailing? i.e. maybe forgot to put a pad on your DA and attacked your car with a Velcro backing plate... defo didn't do that lol seriously. I didn't. Maybe spilled a product all over the interior? Anything at all. Just wondering :) DP
  10. Swirl/Scratch removal tester - Chemical Guys Scratch + Swirl B-Gone

    I've recently found out that my GF's dad works in a college that has an auto department and they've always got front wings, bumpers, whatever lying around off of various cars not being used. As a wannabe detailer, this was music to my ears! I asked him to bring home any spare parts that he...
  11. How many Microfibre products do you use?

    Something I've found after doing a small bit of detailing at the weekend was that I used a good few microfibre cloths. I used a wooly mammoth and 3 16x16 when polishing/sealing/waxing the bonnet. I can only imagine I'd need to use about 12-15 fresh microfibre cloths when doing the whole car...
  12. My upcoming detailing attempt

    So, after some research online, I've decided to purchase some new products for getting my car clean. If you can give your feedback/advice on the following list. This is what I plan to do to my car the next decent weather we get in Scotland... might be a while... Wash with Britemax Clean Max...
  13. My first attempt at machine polishing.

    Hi everyone, I purchased a machine polisher last week and used it yesterday to give the civic a good polish. I have taken a photo of before and after - it has done an excellent job of removing the swirls that were on the paintwork.
  14. R-Black Cleaned and Mugen'd NHB

    Gallery (8G)
    just a couple of pics from the weekend....gave my car a good 3 hour session and went for a spin in the sun... (only to wake up the next morning and find some bird had emptied its insides all down one side...and i say bird, it must have been a flying cow the amount there was) pics are crappy...
  15. Who says NHB isnt the best colour?

    Just gave my car the first proper clean of the year gave it a machine polish to take out most of the swirls, although i didnt get a chance to take photos after it had been glazed, sealed and waxed using Blackfire as my camera has packed in. Quite happy with the results of the polishing looks...
  16. Polishing Shorts the Battery

    Ok this is the second time this has happened so I just wanted to see if anybody else has had this experience....(as I know you would all spend days cleaning your R too :) ) Once a year I spend 2 - 3 days doing an intensive cleanup of my 08 R - hence this is my second clean. Process involves -...