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  1. Change oil pressure switch / undercarriage

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi, not sure if I have put this in the right section so sorry if not. I bought a 2006 civic recently, which the dealer took for an MOT on the day I was picking it up. It all passed fine, but the oil pressure switch was playing up. They gave me a new one, just didn't have time to fit it before I...
  2. Pressurised fuel tank?

    2009 Civic (8G)
    When I unscrew the filler cap there's a hissing sound which is either caused by a vacuum in the tank (and the air is rushing in) or pressure in the tank (air is rushing out). I can't tell which it is. Is this normal or do I have a blocked breather somewhere? :surprise: The car is performing...
  3. Alloys Damage Hit deep pothole - steering & wheel issue

    Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    Hi All, Firstly, I have to apologise for my lack of knowledge when it comes to diagnosing faults with cars. It may be strikingly obvious to you guys what is actually wrong, but here goes - car is a 57 2.2 iCDTI: Last Wednesday, I was driving home a different route when a hit a blind pothole...
  4. Tyre Pressure What are the optimum tyre pressures?

    Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Brakes (8G)
    Hi guys, Getting all the questions i have out of the way today! I have a 56 plate, 2.2litre CDTI ES Civic. I was wondering the the optimum tyre pressures are for economy and performance. I usually drive unloaded but sometimes with 5 people in the vehicle. Im not so sure i trust what it says on...
  5. Computer tyre pressure error after replacing tyres

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Hi, today I replaced my 16inch tyres with the fn2 18inch rims. when I compared tyres by putting one on top the other I was not able to notice a difference in diameter. after I replaced the tyres and drove a couple of miles the tyre pressure warning was turned on. Is this normal? Do you have...
  6. Karcher Foam Lance

    I thought i would try out the Karcher foam lance, bought it from halfords only £14.99. I thought it was really good for the price i filled it up with a little bit of meguiars soft wash gel and it foam up quite alot so was quite impressed, i am probably best to try it out with snow foam or...