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  1. Midlands Karting Meet

    England Midlands
    Hi All Having seen the North civinfo guys karting meet at PPIK, thought id throw the idea out there of a karting meet in the Midlands. Im new to the area so don't really know where the best karting tracks are down here, but the ever-knowing google says they are all over the place. There...
  2. Anyone in to sim racing games?

    Any non Civic chat here please!
    I assume there are a few people here in to racing games. I specifically mean sim racing on the PC. I know Forza and GT are great but they ain't sims. I wanna stick to PC games, really. Just wondering what people are playing and with what equipment. I've recently got myself a force feedback...
  3. Onboard Video Civic Type-R Britcar 24Hr 2010

    Thought all you Type-R fans would like to see some onboard video from the Civic Type-R (EP3) of Daniels Motorsport in this weekend 24hr race at Silverstone. I've raced this car in most of the Britcar 24hrs and we have actually won it twice before when the regs were strictly production. The car...