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  1. Honda HR-V
    Hello to everyone! I’m trying to connect the rear camera in my father’s HR-V, but I have some problem with the connection of the cables. In the rear part I mounted the camera and connected the BLU cable to the +12V of the reversing light. In the SATNAV I connected the adapter and then...
  2. Lights (8G)
    What is the smartest way of connecting my rear camera to the indicator in order to see the rear left on my screen when I want to turn left?
  3. Electronics (8G)
    Hi, I know the camera on the 9th gen is better than the one on the 8th gen model. It seems clearer and has the gridlines to assist with using the camera. If I wanted to update the camera, would it be simple as just changing the camera only and keeping the wiring the same, or would it require...
1-3 of 3 Results