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  1. Other Rear Door Locking - Assitance Req

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi All Does anyone know how to keep the rear 2 doors perm' locked? So just the front 2 and the boot open? Cheers G
  2. Battery Early Model Civics + Flat Battery

    Electronics (8G)
    This is just a warning and friendly advice for people who may come acroos a similar thing. Something I have been told been told by a dealer and have also fallen foul off. The early Civics 06 possibly 07 may be others do not have protection on the alarm circuit. A faulty alarm can drain your...
  3. Other Electrical problems but not sure where

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi Have read many posts in here. Searched many also. but my problem seems to be a little bit of many post, so started a new one. Scenario: Cold snap in January battery went flat. Checked battery with meter 11.8v. So jump started with no key in ignition. Car started no problems. Took for a run...