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  1. 9G 2015 I-DTEC Fuel Cap Question

    General Discussion (9G)
    Hi all, I recently changed from a 2012 1.8 I-VTEC to a 2015 1.6 I-DTEC, and noticed something weird - there's no fuel cap. I called the dealer and they told me this was normal and that the fuel door acted as the cap on the diesel models but I couldn't find anything about this online. There is...
  2. Mk8 2.2 diesel 5 door Red progress thread type R Rep.

    Modification Projects
    Hi i seen how leeCs did his 5 door mk8 civic in blue and thought I will give it a try. It is fully loaded with pan roof/sat nav /leathers and heated seats So it's the perfect family car for me as have to little girls. And anyone who has kids knows it's a ball ache gettin them in and out of a...
  3. Hhhiiiiiiiiii

    Introduce yourself
    Hi all! Bought myself an 07 ctr 2 weeks ago and I'm absolutely in love with it. Spent a fair amount of time on here already working out all those little niggles. Separate note, I get great pleasure to know that every day when I park at work I know I've taken it back to where it was born...
  4. Red vinyl colour?

    Styling (9G)
    Hope this is in the correct thread. I want to colour code the wheel arches (maybe the front grill too), vinyl seems to be a good diy method, so does anyone know where I could get a really good colour match for the red civics? Also thinking of red vinyl on the front of the standard alloys would...
  5. New Civic Owner

    Introduce yourself
    Hi Civinfo Members, I've been a fan of this site for the past year or so, despite not actually owning a Civic. However that has recently changed and I purchased my 2006 1.8 Civic 5 Door. This is actually my first car and the car that I'm also learning to drive in. Yet despite my young age, I'm...
  6. New Type S GT Owner

    Introduce yourself
    Just wanted to say a quick hello my names dale and ive just picked up my 56 type s gt in RED:cool: im from west London (uxbridge/Hillingdon) and I look forward to a good few years with my new (to me), motor. also im a vehicle tech so I know a bit on cars. found out already the Cd player hates...
  7. Red philipand 1.4 VTEC

    Gallery (8G)
    So had this car a while now so thought I would share a few photo's of it!
  8. Revs' FN2

    Modification Projects
    Ayup guys, I just dug out the camera this aft and thought I'd get some pics seeing as I've been tinkering this last week or two (yes, the modding has started!). Last week was the HKS RSK, this week it's been Eibach -25mm kit and a full array of JP's bulbs, LED's and HID's at the front, all 6k...