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  1. Electronics (8G)
    Hi, I wonder if any one can help... I have a 59 plate 2.2 ES which I've only had for a month or so. The battery died on me a couple of days ago (I believe it was the original Varta one). I put my new battery in last night and everything is working fine. This morning I noticed that my passenger...
  2. Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Good morning guys, I've been experiencing a srs light problem with my car I was hoping someone here knows how it can be fixed. Here's a video of it, showing how many times the airbag light blinks for. I also found this HONDA airbag | www.vehix411.com I'm not too sure how many times it's...
  3. Electronics (8G)
    Hi All, alarm started going off for no reason this morning and had to be continually reset. Eventually had to disconnect the battery. Re-connected, drove to work and within 5 minutes of parking and locking it was going off again! have tried locking the door with the keys and locking using fob...
1-3 of 3 Results