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roof bars fitting

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    Good evening all, Just thought it was right to say hello and thank you all for your unwitting advice. I've had my Type S-GT for a little over a year and I love the dirty little diesel. I fitted a towbar earlier in the year and thanks to this...
  2. Type-R
    hi there all, this is the first time i have posted on here. i have recently bought my first type r and love it by the way!!! i won an auction on ebay for a roof rack for my fn2 and it turned up today. after reading on this forum and others trying to find info on how to fit it i havent found...
  3. General Discussion (8G)
    Hi There, Does anyone out there have a copy of the Fitting Instruction for Roof Bars for Civic 3 Door Without Glass Roof? I have found one for same but WITH a glass roof and I do not know if the measurements are the same. Thanks