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  1. 8G Type R
    Hi all, I'm considering selling my 59 plate Milano Red FN2 in the coming months. Looking for advice from anyone that has experience of this as to where would be best to do so - would rather it went to an enthusiast than a young boy racer that may write it off days after getting the keys! I'm...
  2. Detailing
    Posted over on DW but thought I would share here too :) So, my good mate asked me if I could sort if his girlfriend's Mini Cooper. It hadn't been washed in about a year and was about 10 years old. I wanted to do the inside and outside. After an initial inspection, it appeared the the rear...
  3. Was it you?
    Seen this one again this morning...Silver Type-R with front splitter...female driver. Just at the top on the Industrial Estate on the roundabout :thumb:
  4. Scotland
    Hey everyone, Glasgow Hondas second meet is Sunday 20th October starting at 6.30pm. Location is Halfords Braehead then we will use the multi-storey for pictures and stuff , or if weather does not permit. Looks like its going to be a decent turn out! Here's the facebook link -...
  5. Was it you?
    Nice shiny milano which sounded amazing! Was stuck at all that traffic before the Kingston bridge, 58 reg didn't see if if was stickered Any takers?
  6. Was it you?
    Seen a black Type-S on the expressway this morning! Near enough the exact same as mine lol
  7. Scotland
    Guys, Cruise Irvine & Modified Cars Scotland have organised a meet for a mass "Harlem Shake" video shoot! Have a search for Harlem Shake on Youtube if you dont know what the fuss is about. Thought I'd post it up here just to give it as much exposure as possible. I'll be attending along with...
  8. Introduce yourself
    Forgot to do this part before posting.. Sorry.. My names Ryan, I'm from Fife, scotland.. I am the owner of a 2009 Honda Civic Type-S GT (2.2l diesel).. Alabaster silver in colour. Anyone has any questions just PM me and I'll answer as honestly as possible. Thanks
  9. Gallery (8G)
    Had the Type R for a week now. No stranger to forums/ Hondas / modifications, I'll keep all my ramblings in here, for anyone to nosey at their leisure :) For anyone who's in the position that they really really want a type R and for economy or financial reasons can't do it yet, just hold out...
  10. Scotland
    Hi everyone, The Modified Live event is on at Knockhill, 10th of June. Just wondering if anyone wanted to go and we could all meet up and enjoy the show? Here is the link for more info: Modified Live - Featuring Time Attack and European Drifting Championships at Knockhill 2011
1-10 of 12 Results