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  1. How to remove back seats

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    First release the bottom of the seat (magic seat). On the 3doors, you have to release the lock manualy (with finger) Then unscrew the bold on the side (14) On the middle you have 2 bolds. Don’t forget to release the cable (seatbell detectors) and the bold of the seatbell
  2. New member from holland

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    Good morning other Civic enthousiasts ? I own a Civic 8th 2007 sport 1.8, and i am currently looking for an upgrade , 9th generation. Been to a few dealers and have a question for other 9th gen users . The driver seat, i have test driven in 3, 9thgen cars, 2013 make, and all the driver...
  3. Problem with the FN2 seats

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    Hello all! Little bit of a strange one. I've had my FN2 for well over a year now. Not had any issues with the seats up until recently.. thought there was something wrong with my kidneys as I'm having pain under the lower part of my ribs. Turns out as I have twigged on, it is from where my...
  4. Type R EP3 Leather Seats

    Hi, does anyone else have leather seats in their EP3 type R? I bought the car last year and it came with genuihe type r front and rear leather seats and door cards, never seen them before in these cars. Was wondering what they are worth? I am interested in getting a set of red type R ones. Will...
  5. Type R - Rear seats

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    Hi guys, I know the rear seats are easy to remove and put back in, I was wondering if their is anyway to make the Type R Fn2 a 5 seater from a 4 seater. I understand that if you could change it you would have to get MOT approved, notify DVLA and insurance Would you be able to use Type S...
  6. Seat slider bar doesn't work - Type S-GT

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    Hi, The bar under the passenger seat that is used to move the seat back and forwards no longer works on my passenger seat. It seems as though it's loose but I can't get in close enough to see what's wrong. Anyone had this problem before? Anyone know how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Seat comfort - 9G

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    Hello all - newbie here! I run a 2004 Accord CTDi which is starting to show its age, and am looking at a 9G Civic Tourer as a replacement. As I commute to work by train, the car sits unused Monday-Friday quite often, but I do some long-ish trips at the weekend. Looking at a 9G in the...
  8. Seat Covers

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    Hi! Do you know where can I find seat covers for my 07 Honda Civic 1.8? I would like to get seat covers that fit the seats of my Honda and not just general covers! Thanks
  9. Seats Seat Bar Missing?!

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    :confused:fellas (and girls if any on here!) just another quick question, bought the 1.8 type s gt and ive noticed under the passenger seat I don't have the bar for adjusting the seat forwards and backwards. im sure it should have one on it?! the only way I can adjust the seat is by pulling the...
  10. AC/Heater Heated passenger seat problem - not working

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I've bought a Black 2.2 Type S a couple of months ago and i've discovered that the passenger seat heating doesn't work. I've checked the connection and the seat seems to receive electricity, but i don't want to risk disassembling it knowing the errrors and problems...
  11. Seat belt scratches

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    Hello, I have just got myself a 2011 Civic Type S GT and I am very happy with it so far! The main niggle I have is on the 3 door because the doors are so big the belt is quite far back. It means that when the belt retracts it has a tendency to catch on the plastic and mark. I have...
  12. Seats Upholstery Stitching Repair

    Bugs, faults and irritations (8G)
    Evening all. I snagged my ass entering the CTR the other day and the thread in the stitching has started to come undone. :facepalm: Therefore looking for a smart repair, before the whole thing becomes un-stitched. Anyone got any recommendations, or had a similar repair conducted in the...
  13. Help Driver's Seat Stuck

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    Please help me. I think a coin has fallen out of my pocket and gotten stuck on the left hand track of the drivers seat. Now the seat is stuck all the way back, which is fine for me, but my G/F needs to borrow the car on Monday and she needs to move the seat forward. I've had a look and my hands...