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  1. Other Honda Diagnostics

    Electronics (8G)
    So I seem to have been unlucky with my civic and have one problem after another, I have an OBD2 adapter, but I'm wanting the HDS system, what would I need to purchase and is there a cheaper alternative? I want to be able to check things such as the ABS sensors etc, can I use my OBD2 adapter and...
  2. Parking New parking sensors fitted - Steelmate

    Electronics (8G)
    Bought these just after Xmas and after colour coding they were professionally fitted on Thursday. Rears work when reverse is selected and front work on the brake. The kit comes with an LCD screen showing you how close you are to something the sensors pick up and which sensor it the object has...
  3. VSA VSA & ABS After Changing Bump Stops

    Electronics (8G)
    Title says it all, really. Had my bump stops replaced on the front and the dash threw up the VSA and ABS warnings. Mechanic with diagnosis tool seemed to suggest there was an open circuit in the RF wheel sensor...anyone any ideas what might have caused it?
  4. Alarm Should i fit a clifford alarm to my car

    Electronics (8G)
    Simple question guys & girls. Should I fit a Clifford alarm that works with Hondas alarm to make it a category 1 Thatchman approved with siren and internal sensors.. Simple replys, thanks..
  5. Alarm If you want to fit an after market alarm to your civic this is it..

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi! Anyone wanting to add an alarm and motion sensors to the inside of their civics because they don't come as standard to all but the top of the range civics this is the alarm to go for as I spent most of the day researching on what product you will need and why.. Firstly you who own 1.4's...
  6. Alarm Quick Question re CtR alarm !!

    Electronics (8G)
    Hi all, Quick one, do all ctr's come with the interior motion/movement sensors ! Was going to get a clifford with sensors installed when i get my new R but was told i wouldnt need it ??